Bearcamp River Campground

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have planned activities?
No, we are a small campground so we don’t have a schedule of activities. We do have special parties, etc.. from time to time and with this being a tourist area, there is always a lot going on.

Do you have a store?
We sell firewood, Ice, Ice cream, soda and some other camping necessities. We sell Bearcamp River Campground Sweat shirts and T shirts. We also sell floats and tubes.

Do you allow pets?
Yes, on a leash and attended at all times. No guard dogs or boa constrictors, please!

Do You Have Showers?
We have free showers now for our guests.


What are the sites like?
All our sites are wooded and sandy or grassy.

Are the sites nice?
I think they are real nice, but then, I’m prejudiced.

Do you have a safari field?
No, I’m sorry , we don’t.

Do you have any open sites?
No, all our sites are wooded, mostly with pine and hemlock.

Do you have septic sites? (3-way hook-ups)
No, just water and electricity. We do have a dump station, but the state of New Hampshire won’t allow us to install septic sites along the river.


What’s the river like?
It’s real nice, sandy bottom and nice clear water and we have two beaches!

How deep is the river?
Well, it varies depending on the amount of rain.

Can you swim in it?
Sure, there are always some deep spots and shallow areas for young kids but we still require all kids to be supervised by an adult when they are at the river.

Any fish in the river?
Yep, It’s a trout river stocked by the state of New Hampshire.

Can you canoe in the river?
Yes, it’s a two hour trip to Lake Ossipee.

How about tubing?
Actually, you can go in on one side of the campground and it is a 15 minute trip to the other side.

Do you rent tubes?
No, we don’t. We used to but stopped because of liability problems and everyone seem to have their own anyway.


Are your bathrooms clean?
Yes, we pay particular attention to the cleanliness and ask every camper to let us know if something is wrong.

Do you have hot showers?
Yep, we have two buildings with free hot showers in them.

Do you have flush toilets?

Are the bathrooms close to the sites?
They are a short walk away and that is because the State of New Hampshire won’t allow us to put any close to the river.